Winning bathroom layouts

Sink — Unit Remodeling in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

If you’ve been following this year’s season of The Block, you already know that last week’s family bathroom battle was won by Tess and Luke, whose functional and modern bathroom wowed the judges.

Three of the five couples had the same space but they way they chose to use that space was different in every room. While all the couples were, as usual, judged on their overall design and styling, the judges were very impressed by Tess and Luke’s layout with Shayna saying that she felt they had done the floor plan justice.

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, before you start choosing all the fun stuff like tiles, bathtubs and tap-ware, you need to consider the space available and how you can change the current layout to give you a better floorplan. This might mean moving your shower to the other side of the room or knocking down the wall between your toilet and bathroom.

Sometimes the best solution is one you haven’t even considered. And that’s where we come in. Over the years, Kenth has renovated countless of bathrooms and has considerable experience when it comes to measuring the space and coming up with clever solutions to get the most out of your space without compromising on style. From there we will be able to give you a detailed quote on the cost of your makeover.

Once you have a clear idea of the space it’s time to think about your overall look and feel of your bathroom. A good idea is to collect images of bathrooms that you like and highlighting any elements that you particularly like. You can then take this with you to the tile and plumbing shops where the staff will be able to advise you on latest trends, the styles you’ve picked and costs involved.

We will of course help you out with any design questions to the best of our ability based on the latest trends and other projects we’ve worked on.

If you want some help with your bathroom renovation, feel free to give us a call on 0412 679 990 to make an appointment with Kenth for a free quote.