When cute baskets aren’t enough

When cute baskets aren't enough

It’s a new year, it’s a new dawn and we’re feeling good… well let’s just say 2020 was chaotic to say the least! And from what we’ve heard, we weren’t the only ones feeling it. So in true spirit of clearing out the “junk” (you know what we’re really trying to say here right?) of yesteryear, it seems all of the Sunshine Coast has been asking themselves if their items spark joy a la Marie Kondo style or buying every single storage box at K-mart to organise their homes Home Edit style. But if we’ve learnt anything from these shows, it is that sometimes the space is just not suitable to what you’re trying to achieve. And when that happens, you need to give us a call (or send us an email). 

Take the once-upon-a-time fancy butler’s pantry that could only be found in high-end homes. These are becoming more popular than ever. Why you ask? The old way of women in the kitchen preparing food while the men stand outside showing off their barbecue skills is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, the large island benchtops have allowed us to congregate around the kitchen to chat and enjoy some nibbles and wine whilst food is being prepared. But this also means that you’ve just lost all that space for your food processor and other appliances possibly needed to serve up that gourmet meal. That’s where the butler’s pantry comes in so handy. You can simply leave all your appliances on the bench in the pantry, process the food and bring it out to your prep area to continue your chat and glass of wine!

Butler's Pantry with white cabinets and white benchtop with toaster and utensils stored ontop
Butler's Pantry
butler's pantry with white cabinets and black bench top
Butler's Pantry

But the butler’s pantry is not the only clever storage solution for your kitchen. For small spaces where a butler’s pantry is just not possible and even the traditional corner pantry is missing, a pull-out pantry can be just the thing you need. Other things to consider is to convert cupboards to drawers or to have special corner drawers put in to avoid wasting precious space.

saucepans on a corner pull out shelf system
Kitchen corner storage
corner drawers in kitchen
Kitchen corner drawers

For the bathrooms, vanities with drawers provide an excellent source of storage. Teamed with mirrored shaving cabinets and some built-in cabinets, you will have more space than you ever could’ve dreamed of!  If drawers are not your thing, stacked, floating benchtops is a fun way to add some personality with various baskets or storages boxes. For the shower, consider adding a niche to remove rusty old shower caddies.

bathroom vanity with drawers
Bathroom vanity with drawers
bathroom with mirror shaving cabinets
Bathroom with mirror shaving cabinets
bathroom floating benchtops stacked over one another
Stacked floating benchtops
shower tiled in marble herringbone pattern featuring a shower niche
Shower niche

So what are you waiting for. Get that Pinterest board going and contact us. We want to see all your ideas and help you achieve them!