Renovating to add value to your home

Home Renovation — Unit Remodeling in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Over the past few years, keeping up with the latest interior home trends has become more important to people than ever before. Shows like The Block and House Rules, not to mention Channel Nine’s dedicated 9Life channel, has inspired us all to live in houses with the latest kitchen and bathroom trends – and we want them now.

But if you love the area you live in, rather than spending hours and hours searching for your ‘perfect’ home, why not consider your current home and the many ways you can make it exactly what you want while at the same time increasing your overall property value? While a complete house makeover can be expensive, it will save you money on stamp duty, removalists, conveyancing, legal fees, real estate agent fees as well as those pesky utility reconnection fees! 

So where do you start? The kitchen. As we’ve mentioned before, the kitchen is the heart of the home and you’ve probably heard the phrase “kitchens sell homes”. Well it’s sort of true. A kitchen renovation can include ripping out the whole kitchen and basically starting from scratch. This will give you the option to potentially open up the kitchen into your living and dining areas to create an open-plan living space. However, if you’re happy with the layout but your kitchen is looking a bit drab, change the cupboard doors and handles and update the benchtop.

The second area you should look at is your bathroom. If there is any space to add an ensuite to your property, this is definitely an area that will add value to your property. A walk-in-robe is also very popular with buyers these days. As are 2-park garages and a butler’s pantry.

Updating your flooring, lighting and window coverings will also do wonders for your property and its overall value. Many buyers are also looking for granny-flats to house elderly parents or to rent out in order to ease mortgage repayments.

But for renovations to be successful, the workmanship and finishes need to be of high standard. A shoddy paint-job or a sloping floor is not going to do you any favours – no matter how much you paid for it. So if you’re eager to get on the tools, just ask yourself first, is this a job I can do, or is this a job for the professionals?

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