Remaining COVID Safe on our worksites

Remaining COVID Safe on our worksites

With COVID-19 back in Queensland and onthe forefront of our minds, we thought we’d give you all an update on our efforts to remain COVID safe and to continue our renovations as best we can. We continue to take directions from Master Builders Queensland on how to best protect our clients and our workers.

As such, we have implemented the following measures:

    • Practicing social distancing by limiting access to the site to only essential workers in activity on the given day where possible.
    • Minimising the number of people on site by scheduling trades for necessary tasks only, and scheduling trades that will not need to work in close proximity as well as staggering start and finish times for trades and workers (where possible).
    • Providing hygiene facilities such as adequate cleaning products and hand sanitiser on all sites as well as cleaning all shared tools before and after each use, providing PPE necessary for work activity and increasing ventilation for building sites where internal work is being undertaken.
    • Keeping our workers up-to-date by sending them updates or changes as they are given to us, including providing signage about good hygiene and social distancing and advising our team of any potential risk of virus i.e. Someone has been diagnosed or has been in contact with the virus.
    • Following isolation rules by not allowing persons who have been unwell, diagnosed or in contact with the virus on site until they have been cleared by a doctor and delivered a negative test, enforcing the 14 day self-isolation policy for any persons returning from overseas or interstate as well as enforcing self-isolation for any persons who have been in close contact with the virus.
    • Protecting our customers by requesting confirmation that no one at the premises is unwell, been overseas recently, in quarantine or in self-isolation and not making physical contact with the customer (i.e. no shaking hands).
    • All contract documents will no longer be signed in person at our premises. Instead we are offering electronic contracts and an appointment via phone or Zoom/Skype to go through the contract details.

All our work sites are fitted with COVID-19 warning signs to notify any visitors and contractors that we are working to COVID Safe standards and anyone entering work site is expected to follow the measures outlined above.

We can all hope that we do not see a second wave and lock down, but 2020 has proved to be a year of uncertainty. So, let’s work together to make our work sites and our interactions between ourselves as safe as possible; Wash/sanitise hands, social distance and most importantly, let our office team know if you are displaying symptoms so that we can arrange our workers to continue your renovations at a later (and safer) date.

Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to our COVID Safe measures or if you are interested in a free renovation quote.