Is your holiday rental standing empty?

Is your holiday rental unit standing empty?

With interstate borders closed and people only allowed essential travel, or as of Saturday, not travel further than 50km from their homes, many of Sunshine Coast’s holiday units and Airbnb’s are standing empty and are not bringing in any income. This is of course not a great position to be in, but it does provide owners with an opportunity to increase the worth of their investments.

The fact is that now is the perfect opportunity to renovate those units! There are no guests to schedule works around, which means you do not have to restrict your works to small maintenance jobs or quick fixes. This is your opportunity to improve those areas that attract higher rents, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, floor coverings, fresh paint throughout, window dressings and air conditioning.

Natural light is one aspect that people value a lot. And if you can combine that with a beautiful view, you are bound to get a lot of interest in your property. Unfortunately, we have found that a lot of the older units along our beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches and esplanades have separate kitchens to the living area and, a lot of the time, that beautiful view is blocked by a wall! And removing a wall in-between tenants or tourists checking in and out is not exactly ideal. Usually it means loss of income while you temporarily make your property unavailable. Which is why NOW is the exactly the time you should schedule these types of renovations.

Once we see COVID-19 restrictions lift, we are likely to see more domestic travel rather than international travel. And we are lucky in that the Sunshine Coast is popular all year round due to our wonderful climate. We should take advantage of this dead period to bring life into those units again.

Unit renovations is one of our specialties. We have worked with a number of body corporates and unit owners on the Sunshine Coast. We know what to look for and we’re always working towards improving that view and remodelling your unit to meet the expectations of your future guests.

Last year we undertook a renovation along the Caloundra esplanade. Great location and amazing view. Trouble was, most of the view was blocked by a wall in the kitchen with a little window for the breakfast bench. What a waste! Checkout the before and after photos below for the improved view and layout. Alternatively, visit our image gallery, Facebook page or Instagram to see some of our renovations on the Sunshine Coast. 

So are you ready to make the most of an unfortunate situation? Give us a call on 0412 679 990 or email to schedule a free quote. 

Photo of old kitchen with wall blocking view
BEFORE: Note the wall to the left - this was blocking the view completely!
After Kitchen 3 — Unit Remodeling in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
AFTER - notice the reduction of the wall to a pillar, allowing more light to enter and a clear view of the ocean!
After Kitchen 6 — Unit Remodeling in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
AFTER: More benchspace and an airier kitchen with uninterrupted view of the ocean!