Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your query answered here, please don’t hesitate to call or email. One of our friendly staff will do their best to answer your question quickly and provide all the information you need.

In most cases, remodelling your home/unit before selling is a good idea. While it ‘technically’ takes money out of your new home budget, it can help to increase your overall resale value. Most renovations have a reasonably consistent return value, especially when done well. Some of the most popular improvements for those looking to sell their home include renovated or remodelled living spaces, bathrooms and the kitchen. These tend to give the best return value.

It is dependent on several factors. However, the value of your home or unit should increase at least as much as the cost associated with the renovation (i.e. break-even). Yet, most remodels have a 10%+ return value, though this depends on location, aesthetics, quality of the work completed, and other factors. Getting a quote can help you understand the value of a renovation to your home/unit.

In many cases, small changes to the inside/outside of your home/unit do not require council approval. However, it is best to check first. Modifications made to plumbing, drainage, gas and/or electrical will require permits and pre/post inspections by the governing authority. If you are a tenant, you will need to ensure landlord approval as well.

There are times where contractors do go over budget. A budget and quote is an excellent starting point that helps you visualise how much work is necessary and the expected final cost of the project. However, there are times where a quote will need to be modified because of external circumstances that were not evident at the time. In general, you should plan for slight budget adjustments, though some contractors build in an appropriate margin for cost variations beforehand.

Looking for more information? Here are some documents and/or links that should help you understand your remodelling requirements, timeframe expectations, qualifications and more. Of course, we want to help you. If we didn’t answer your question(s), let us know. That gives us the chance to help you and all future visitors too!