Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your query answered here, please don’t hesitate to call or email. One of our friendly staff will do their best to answer your question quickly and provide all the information you need.

No. Our schedule may sometimes leave days where no tradesmen are onsite. This can be for a variety of reasons but most commonly we are waiting for things to set/dry, for a supply availability or for one of our tradesmen to be available. We have a small team of trusted contractors that we use. These are people we have worked with and that we trust into our clients’ homes. We will do our best to move the schedule around to finish the renovations as quickly as possible, but this is all accounted for in your contract and you can be confident we will finish within our practical completion date.

No. But between our Supervisor Carpenter and Kenth there will be someone checking in regularly onsite to ensure the renovation is progressing as per schedule and as per scope of works. We have a strong communication process in place to ensure the relevant office staff, tradesmen and Kenth are aware of which stage the renovation is up to.

Yes. Our trades are scheduled to attend approximately 2-3 times per job depending on size of your project. This means that whilst some of your items are ready to be completed, we would not schedule our trades team to attend to fit off until all the items in that trade category are ready to be fitted off. We have found that this works better due to smaller disruptions and working more efficiently for our trades, and this also means a more cost-effective renovation to you.

Yes. We do not include furniture and content removal in our quotes. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure all furniture is moved prior to renovations commencing. If your renovation included removal of any cabinetry, these will need to be emptied and its contents stored somewhere save for the duration of the renovation. Any items left onsite is the responsibility of the owner and Nyblad Construction will not be held liable for any damaged caused.

Leaving furniture and content items on site means our trades team will need to move furniture back and forth to proceed with the approved scope of works. This will affect the time frame of the job and incur additional costs to your renovation.

Any owner-supplied items need to be onsite prior to commencement. Please contact us to organise a safe storage area for your new items.

If you are supplying and having tiles delivered to your property, please be aware that most tile suppliers will not take the tiles from the truck to the property. If tiles are to be carried in by tiler or a Nyblad Construction employee, this will incur an extra fee.

QBCC covers:

  • construction of a new home, related roofed building (e.g. a garage), townhouse or multiple unit dwelling (no more than 3 storeys)
  • the extension, addition, alteration, renovation, or repair of any of the above buildings
  • replacement or refit of fixtures or fittings in a kitchen or bathroom
  • work on a deck or veranda, attached to a residence
  • building work that affects the structural integrity of the building

We always schedule our trades to only return to your property 2-3 times to ensure we work as efficiently and cost effective as possible. This means that whilst the job is nearing completion, it may look far from it. But rest assured that we’ve scheduled it this way for a reason and should your renovation be running behind schedule, we will contact you to discuss the reasons why and the plan to get everything finished as quickly as possible.

Renovations are dependent on many external suppliers, external factors, and human labour. As such, sometimes things are delayed due to supply issues, items being damaged in transport, pandemics, extreme weather events etc. But when these things do happen, we always do our very best to get the renovation back on track as soon as possible.

Yes. Let us know during the quoting stage if there are any appliances or tapware that you would like reinstalled into your new space and we will ensure the upmost care is taken to remove your items safely. We do require that you find somewhere safe to store your items for the duration of the renovation to ensure they are not in the way of our workers or that they get damaged.

Yes. QBCC requires a contract in place for any domestic building work over $3,300. We use a standard Master Builders Qld contract designed to fairly protect both the Client and the Builder. Visit the QBCC website for more information on building contracts.

No. We are happy to set up regular site meetings to go through the progress with you and what is to happen next. We will be in constant communication with you regarding decisions that need to be made and send you progress photos between site visits.

Looking for more information? Here are some documents and/or links that should help you understand your remodelling requirements, timeframe expectations, qualifications and more. Of course, we want to help you. If we didn’t answer your question(s), let us know. That gives us the chance to help you and all future visitors too!