Don’t forget the Laundry!

Don't forget the laundry!

We’ve spent A LOT of time at home lately, and we’ve come to realise that if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since lock-down and working from home-arrangements began, it’s the amount of time you spend in the laundry. Even if you’ve been rocking trackies under the desk with that button-up shirt for the Zoom meetings, those washing piles keep adding up just the same!

For most people, the word laundry will conjure up feelings of stress and never-ending obligations. Rarely do we think of it as an enjoyable room, which is perhaps why it’s usually the last room to be renovated – and that’s if you even have a dedicated laundry in the first place! For many of us, the reality is that the laundry is a shared space with the main bathroom.

So let’s change that. We’re not saying that doing washing is ever going to be fun. It’s not. But let’s work on giving you that specific space that looks so beautiful that you can’t help smiling just a little bit when you see it – and it’s going to be so functional that you’re actually going to be able to see it because it won’t be hiding behind all those piles of washing!

First, let’s think about the must-have items in your laundry; washing machine, dryer, sink, bench space and of course, storage for detergents, washing baskets and hampers, as well as a collapsible drying rack and the ironing board. While you want all these things easily accessible, you also want them out of sight to create that functional, yet beautiful extension of the rest of the house. Other things you may want to add in, if you have the space, are things like a rail for hanging shirts or dresses, multiple pull-out hampers to sort the washing into its various colour loads.

Another thing to consider are the finishes of your laundry area. The laundry can get a bit wet and steamy from hand-washing in the sink or running the dryer etc. As such, you want materials that aren’t going to suffer in these conditions. Tile splashbacks and stone bench tops are some great choices to consider.

We’ve created some great laundry/bathroom combos lately. We’re a big fan of stacking the washing machine and dryer on top of another to give our clients that extra bench-space that’s often needed in a laundry/bathroom area. This allows for more cupboards under the bench to store the hampers, washing baskets and all the other bits and pieces.

If you do have a dedicated laundry room, placing the washing machine and dryer next to each other will allow you to add in overhead cabinets to give you more storage while still leaving you with enough room for pull-out hampers (depending on the size of your laundry of course!).  

So have we got you a little bit excited about your laundry? Contact us to organise a free quote and a chat about your laundry space and how we can make that boring wash and fold cycle a little bit more bearable!

stacked washing machine and dryer and farmers sink
Washing machine and dryer combo in family bathroom. The large farmer's sink large enough for hand-washing whilst not looking out of place in the bathroom.
stacked washing machine and dryer
Simple but functional stacked washing machine and dryer combo with storage drawer underneath washing machine