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Bathroom Renovation — Unit Remodeling in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Got a bathroom that’s looking a bit sad? Or a kitchen that looks like your nanna’s? Perhaps your whole house is in dire need of a makeover? Well if that’s the case I’m sure you’ve done your research; you’ve probably watched endless reruns of The Block, House Hunters, House Flippers, Fixer Upper and then flipped through every home magazine you can find or perhaps you’ve even started some mood boards on Pinterest. Excellent! You’re off to a great start.

The best start to the renovation is having a clear idea of what you like and what you don’t like. And it’s even better if you’re clearly able to identify a specific style that you like, for example, Hamptons, Scandi, Beach, Modern, Farmhouse etc.

Next, think about the things you HAVE to have in your new space. Perhaps you really want a soaking tub or a walk-in-robe rather than built-ins? Or a large kitchen island with seating space? Once you know what’s really important to you, your builder can work with you to design a functional space around those things. Then you can discuss other things you would like included and see how those fit within the space.

So now you have a style and ideas ready; it’s time to find a builder. While we would obviously prefer you to come straight to us, generally speaking, you should probably get a few quotes (that way you’ll see that our quotes are a lot more detailed and include Scope of Works (SOW) as well as being competitive on price 😉 ).

Once you’ve decided to go with a builder (ahem… us…) you will be given a contract based on the agreed quote and works will commence as per contract. This is where it’s important that you have all your selections of plumbing fixtures, tiles and any accessories ready so that we can either source these for you or, if you are arranging yourself, that they arrive to the property in time for installation.

Depending on the scale of your renovation, your home will be now be overtaken by trades. While we (and probably most builders) try to make the renovation process as smooth as possible, it will be noisy and probably a bit messy at times. We recommend heading to the shops and by new furniture or accessories to go into your new space!

So, are you ready for demo day? Call us on 0412 679 990 or email us at to schedule a free discussion and quote with our builder Kenth Nyblad.