A Caloundra unit renovation

A Caloundra unit renovation

We do a lot of unit renovations here on the Sunshine Coast and it’s something we consider ourselves to do really well (if you don’t mind us saying so). Whilst most units are similar in the types of things we need to consider, such as structural considerations, how to best remove debris, and, believe it or not, parking(!), it’s the owner’s choice of materials and finishes that sets one unit apart from another.

One of the units that really set it apart from others was one we worked on towards the end of 2020. The owner of the unit had enlisted Architect Jonathan Briggs from JA Architects to help them achieve the aesthetics they were after.

Jonathan said the client’s brief was to modernise the apartment and give it a light airy feel.

“I selected fresh beach themed materials such as light timber flooring, light paint colours, tiles and cabinetwork to produce a design with clean lines and crisp outlining”, he said.

“We also included design items such as fully recessed sliding doors that could be completely concealed, innovative bathroom layouts and designs as well as intricate cabinet work that you would not typically see without an architect involved.

“The clients and I met multiple times during the planning stage to go over the materials to be used and to guide them towards the end result.”


vanity unit with beech veneer cupboards and drawers, white stone bench tops, white, rectangular on-top basin and mirrored shaving cabinets
Beech veneer cabinets and white bench tops for a light and and airy feel
light timber flooring running into a hallway with white walls
Light timber flooring and white walls throughout to continue the light and airy feel

Our builder Kenth and our team of chippies and subcontractors worked off the JA Architects plans to deliver a truly beautiful unit that meet the criteria sought by the client.

“The new bathroom has some very interesting design features such as a curved tiled wall in the main bathroom as well as an Acrylic Solid surface HI MACS Sand White floating-shelf that runs around and underneath the shaving cabinets into the shower, separated only by the shower screen,” Kenth said.

“We had to be very careful with placement of both shelves and shower screen to ensure we achieved a seamless finish.”

beech veneer vanity with white stone bench top, white rectangular on-counter sink and view into curved tiled wall in shower
Curved and tiled shower wall
tiled curved wall in shower
Curved and tiled shower wall
floating shelf positioned close to either side of the shower screen to give the impression the shelf runs through the glass
Acrylic Solid surface HI MACS Sand White floating-shelf

As with all renovation jobs, some degree of problem solving on site was required. One of those instances was to relocate the hot water system from the floor cupboard in the laundry to a higher cupboard to maximise the storage space. This required some innovative thinking on Kenth’s part to ensure the cupboard could keep the weight. 

“Relocating the hot water system gave the owners more storage space in the form of a broom closet that would otherwise have been dead space,” Kenth said.

Laundry room with wall of washing machine positioned next to cabinet with laundry sink followed by two laundry cabinets
hot water system in above floor cabinet with cabinet door open
hot water system front on view inside cupboard

As the images show, not only does this unit have a beautiful view, they now also have a beautiful interior to match. And with so many units on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve made this old unit new again.

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