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We’re living and breathing bathrooms this month and especially the latest 2021 tapware trends.  Last week The Block contestants were judged on their stunning bathroom reveals. We also happened to be invited over to our friends at Art Bathrooms to have a look around their showroom a few weeks back as well as a visit from Reece with their latest brochures, and today a beautiful bathtub was delivered to our office along with our client’s tapware selection. As such, we thought we’d look at the latest tapware trends of 2021 from colours and shapes to textures and fixtures.

Colour ranges

There is an abundance of colour choices in tapware these days from the common chrome to gold, brushed brass, brushed nickel, black, rose gold and more. It seems the rules on what colour to choose all depends on what look you are trying to achieve.

Brushed nickel continues to be the all-round staple, but monochromic tapware used to achieve either a tonal styling or to contrast against an all-white or all-black bathroom or kitchen.

Brass tapware looks beautiful teemed with natural finishes such as timber and marble for a modern but comfortable feel. And we’ve also seen a new range of ‘almond’ coloured tapware that also blends in beautifully with natural textures and tones such as wood and earth-toned tiles.

And then you’ve got bright gold tapware, which depending on what ‘feel’ you are trying to achieve, works with most colours to either complement or contrast. At the moment we’re seeing a lot of grey and blacks paired with gold for a really luxurious feel. Teem it with pink or other pastels for that modern Instagram-worthy makeover and for a classy and timeless look, you can’t go past navy and gold. 


Shapes and textures

Textured handles is another trend we’re seeing more of. Knurled finishes and handles with grooves give your space a more high-end feel and can bring an extra layer of dimension to your kitchen or bathroom.

And when it comes to shape, we’re seeing a move away from the sharp-edged handles and the strong angled spouts. Instead, a softer, rounder shape is taking precedence to give your space a sense of warmth and comfort.


We’re seeing more rain-shower heads being installed and they were certainly present on The Block bathrooms last week. For that extra bit of luxury and functionality (we’re big fans of functionality!) choose a fixture that has dual attachments to give you the option of the overhead rain shower or the more focused spout.

We’ve also seen some fancy taps that allow you to pour instant boiled water, cold water and sparkling water. These can be a bit pricey but can save you some bench space as your kettle and soda-stream are no longer required. And it also means you don’t need a plumbed-in fridge, which generally means more inside fridge-space.

Trends can be hard to navigate. We all have our own sense of style and sometimes that doesn’t marry up with the latest trends. And that’s when you need to consider the space you are renovating. Are you renovating your forever-home or an investment property? This can definitely change your choices in terms of costs but also in design. Unless you are going to get a considerable rate of return on your investment property, splurging on gold tapware is probably not necessary. However, if this is your forever-home, we say do what your budget allows to give you a space that makes you happy every time you enter it. 

We love chatting to our clients about their renovations so if you’re feeling inspired, give us a call or send us an email and we will book you in for your free quote visit. And feel free to come visit us in our very own mini-showroom – we have a ton of brochures, pictures, and samples from our regular suppliers. We can’t wait to discuss your renovation dreams with you!