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2021 Cladding Trends

We’ve been working on two major extensions these past few months and both clients have decided to use James Hardie Scyon cladding on the external walls, which got us thinking about the 2021 cladding trends the different looks that can be achieved.

One of our clients is in Dicky Beach and lives within walking distance to the beach. She has opted for Scyon LineaTM Weatherboard, which is to be painted white for a modern coastal look (the house is by the beach after all!). Something we tell many of our clients when it is time for product selection is to put together a mood board of sorts, whether that be on Pinterest or magazines, of the things they like to get a better idea of what they are looking for and to show the sales personnel so that they can better help with product selection. And this is exactly what our client had done. The photo below is her inspiration photos for the look she is trying to achieve by the end of her renovation and extension.

Our other client in Little Mountain, is working on a backyard extension of his alfresco area to make it the ultimate entertainers backyard. He has chosen Scyon AxonTM Cladding, which is installed vertically for a more sleek, modern look. We’ve included a couple of images of the installation progress below. 

carpenter working in front of extension featuring cladding
front entry way extension in the process of being installed

These are the two types of cladding we are working with now but that’s not to say there aren’t other options worth exploring.

Another popular option we’ve noticed is the Standing Seam Cladding in Colorbond®Steel with Bluescope’s Matt paint technology is also a popular choice for a sleek and modern look. The matt paint gives the building depth and contrasts well with other cladding systems or materials.


And then there’s the ever-popular timber cladding for warmth and texture. Installed vertically or horizontally with various shades of raw timber can give you a sense of modern elegance, especially when contrasted with other cladding materials such as the steel mentioned above.

Which brings us to the main cladding trend. If there is one trend that dominates the cladding world, it’s the practice of combining various cladding options with timber, bricks and/or render. Combining clean lines with neutral and strong colour and texture contrasts for a sense of depth and impressive visual impact.

So what style are you looking for to turn your house into your dream home? We’d love to hear your ideas and discuss with you how we can make your home feel new again. Contact us to organise a free quote visit.