2020 Colour Trends

2020 Colour Predictions

2020 Colour Predictions

As we settle into the new year, we thought we’d take a look at some of the colour trends predicted by interior designers and even some from our own suppliers.

Overall natural tones and textures continue to gain popularity with calming greys, greens and blues featuring strongly. Highlight colours such as burgundy and rusty oranges are also popular and help bring a sense of depth to a room, whether through paint, accessories or textiles.

Dulux’s 2020 colour forecast takes you through its four different colour palette predictions, Cultivate (Calm and green shades), Comeback (tonal blues, warm burgundy, rust and mustard), Grounded (biscuit and caramel shades of neutrals and muted lavender and terracotta) and Indulge (burgundy, eggplant, browns, terracotta and coral). You can download Dulux Colour Forecast here.

Similarly, Laminex has produced its own four colour pallet predictions. It’s first palette called Calm, features faded colours with grey undertones in blues, pinks and greens. In the Shallows, features greens, browns and woodgrains inspired by the natural world, while Deep Below shows off deep blues, dark greys and shades of black. Finally, See the Light brings fresher and brighter tones mixed with neutrals. You can download the Laminex Beneath the Surface Forecast 2020 here.

When it comes to flooring, cool tones such as greys and whites are predicted as well as more natural tones. And it’s not just walls and floors that are going back to nature. Bathroom accessories such as stone basins and coloured basins are becoming increasingly popular.

So what does 2020 have in stall for you? A moody but calming space in tonal blues? Or a light and bright pastel-paradise with calming neutral touches? All we know is that we’re excited to see whatever dream you have in mind become reality. So let’s make it happen. Simply give us a call on 0412 679 990 to discuss your next renovation project.

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