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Renovating your forever home vs. renovating for profit

When it comes to renovating there are two different approaches you can take depending on if you are renovating for profit or if you’re renovating your forever home. If you are planning on staying in your home for a long […]

Are you ready for demo day?

Got a bathroom that’s looking a bit sad? Or a kitchen that looks like your nanna’s? Perhaps your whole house is in dire need of a makeover? Well if that’s the case I’m sure you’ve done your research; you’ve probably […]

Winning bathroom layouts

If you’ve been following this year’s season of The Block, you already know that last week’s family bathroom battle was won by Tess and Luke, whose functional and modern bathroom wowed the judges. Three of the five couples had the […]

Cladding trends for 2019

When it comes to renovating your house, the interior is usually the first thought that springs to mind. The outside is often an afterthought and, here in Queensland, we often find ourselves turning to rendering to update an old brick […]

Renovating to add value to your home

Over the past few years, keeping up with the latest interior home trends has become more important to people than ever before. Shows like The Block and House Rules, not to mention Channel Nine’s dedicated 9Life channel, has inspired us all to live in houses with the latest kitchen and bathroom trends – and we want them now.

Do you really need to spend $75,000 on a bathroom renovation?

The simple answer is no. But that then raises the question, how much should one expect to pay for an ensuite or bathroom renovation? Well, it does vary depending on the size of your space, the tiles and plumbing fixtures you choose.

Does the heart of your home need an update?

Are you sick of looking at those peeling laminate benchtops or the heavy dark cabinetry in your kitchen? Or perhaps the layout is all wrong. If you’re dreaming of a light-filled kitchen, dining and living area instead of your closed-in 70s-style kitchen, perhaps it’s time to consider doing something about it!